Welcome to Betro Furniture (The Art of Living)

We are experts in wooden and glass furniture designs, fittings, home and office interiors. We furnish your homes, offices , hotels with standard quality designs giving your household or office a glamorous look at a glance.
Our items are foreign made with strong durable lasting materials that last long giving good value for your money. Visit our head office showroom in Abuja and be amazed with the quality of furniture we provide. We do not comprise the standard of our goods and we provide inter-state delivery services to customers outside Abuja territory.


We are logistically stationed to provide transportation, delivery and fixing on goods purchased.
Within Abuja, delivery and fixing are carried out free of charge, while customers who purchase goods and reside outside Abuja, transportation, delivery of goods are charged at a minimal cost. This is to buttress the comfort you enjoy by doing business with Betro Furniture. All our after sale services outside Abuja are provided at very minimum charges.

We take delight in satisfying our customers and we thank all our existing customers for their patronage.

Our Products

We offer highly quality designs for every product we offer. Our cushions, sofas, dining sets, beds,  home and office furniture are made with materials that stand the test of time and are durable. They are foreign materials and can be compared to any high quality furniture anywhere in the world

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Enjoy our custom made products designed to suit your taste. Experience true comfort and awesome relaxation with Betro products. Our sofas are specifically designed to make you relax in style, our beds are made from the best foreign fabrics and foams that give you a lasting taste of elegance and class. Our dining sets are not left out as they add glamour to your homes, representing a symbol of fashion and luxury. We present foreign office furniture and interiors that make your office and homes feel like a palace of your own